In my paintings, reality and fiction do not stand in conflict with each other but they exist into one another clarifying the true meaning of a situation.

Time shows what is true.


That’s why I get my inspiration from old photographies of my family. Retrospectively you can see where everything led to. I try to understand vita and character of those people, especially the ambiguous character of my mother, here shown as a child.

I search for innocence. But I search also for permission to judge.

I will never know if any of my interpretation is close to the truth but I savour to give meaning, to set this house in order.


This leads to personal questions of epic dimensions and they have a lot to do with courage, despair, contempt, innocence, love and hate and the desire for heroes in the most immaculate significance. Well, I wouldn’t paint it if it didn´t affect me...


More universal questions are: what shapes a man? Is he a victim of circumstances or does time show a logic development based on the deeds and are the deeds grounded on the character and has the character been just like that from the day of birth or has it been formed and if so what formed it and how to evaluate?


I don´t think one can elude from evaluating; we can not not validate or we are incapable of acting. Question is, what are our criteria?