2010 - 2014       "Lara Bandillas paintings narrate of light and movement, of time and space. Her work is haunting and touching. The observer looks at the snapshot of a moment while at the same time a room into infinity opens. The paintings serve as gateway for a journey into endlessness. The resemblance to photographies leads to a high objective recognition value. That catapults almost immediatly in to the subjective world of personal recognition.


The exceptional representation of light evokes memories of a certain time of the day or year. But the memory is not tangible, it trickles through the fingers and is replaced by timelessness. Similar to a filmstill the paintings show snapshots of a movement yet they are so much more. Because of the impossible superimpositions they become the basis for an incounter with the own Sein. The emotions evoked by the work are concrete without the possibility to name or define them. They awaken memories of certain moods, moments where life stands still. Moments without faces or facts, made of impressions and perceptions.


Lara Bandilla shows her philosophical view of the everyday Life. She offers the spectator the possibility to experience himself in a new way, to give his personal point of view a different direction."



 Heike Geier, cultural scientist, Cologne, Germany